the doom generation

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the doom generation
Samedi, Mars 10, 2012 - 08:52

The Doom Generation is a film by director Gregg Araki. Released in 1995, it stars Rose McGowanJames Duval and Johnathon Schaech as two teenagers and a 21-year-old punk drifter who become involved in a ménage à trois. It is the second of a trilogy of films known as theTeenage Apocalypse Trilogy, the first being Totally Fucked Up and the last Nowhere. It was Araki's first movie to deal with a heterosexual relationship,[citation needed] and is billed in the opening titles as "A Heterosexual Movie by Gregg Araki".


Ce film m'avait vraiment marqué dans ma jeunesse. Hyper esthétique et pleins de trouvails déjantés